The sacred sites

The sacred sites are the synapses of the universal neurons

Les toiles sont réalisées avec de l’argile, des limons, du sable, des cendres, du bois brûlé. Tous les matériaux utilisés sont collectés dans la nature française ; puis les échantillons sont patiemment séchés, tamisés et préparés pour pouvoir être utilisés. Mélangés à un produit adapté, les toiles sont résistantes dans le temps.​

The motifs are inspired by the remains of wall paintings that once adorned castles, mansions, chapels, and churches in France between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries.​

This approach aims to restore honor to the soils. Without earth, man dies, without land, man fights. The process directly links the Earth to Art.​

This re-reading of some centuries old heritage aims to fight against amnesia, to offer a timeless vision, to propose an alternative to progress without project.

The paintings, although inspired by different places and different eras, have a common identity. The patterns and colors come from Western roots. For some visitors, they will resonate far beyond the borders of France, like a hint of universality. The goal is not yet to love, but at least to understand the other one, whether from the Middle Age or from Africa, from the planet Mars or from the house next door.​

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